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Dreams of Gods & Monsters - Laini Taylor Update


Dreams of Gods & Monsters


And the cover, is that the final cover?
No, probably not. Just title reveal.


Awesome. Brilliant. Fantastic.




And the expected publication date is - wait for it - APRIL 2014!

Wait, what?

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano I hate the colour grey.
I absolutely loathe it.
I hate that it is undefined and isn't bounded by a limit. It's deeper end merges into black and on the other hand, it fades into white. It's transient and unpredictable and I hate it.

When I read novels or watch a movie, I have to have an upfront bad guy and a good guy. I need the characters to be distinct and true to their image. It makes me jittery when lines are blurred and characters are steeped in both light and dark.
No, I'm not a control freak


So, imagine my delight when I did NOT abhor this one. It is exactly all the things I despise.
It is all grey
Nothing is defined.
There are no distinct lines.
No sharp differences.

The Plot

The novel deals with a near future where Man has cured cured and prevented the transmission of STDs. Genes are manipulated so that the most healthy and strong infants are born. Everyone's perfect and life is good. But then, it is not. Something goes wrong. When this 'perfect' generation conceives, their offspring are born with a disease that reduces their life span drastically. Males die at 25 and females at 20.
Widespread panic.
Economy is plunging, poverty is skyrocketing.
Girls are being kidnapped and forced to bear children that can be used as guinea pig in the experiments to cure the disease.
Antidotes are being searched for desperately, but to no avail.

This is Rhine's world.
When prostitution and panhandling are such a commonplace event, they barely stir the news at all.
Where girls as young as 13 are forced to bear children and numerous die in the attempt.
When the newly born children are experimented on and killed.
Where polygamy is an accepted way of life.

This is not a happy story.
It is heart- wrenching.
It is devastatingly sad.
It is harrowing and horrifying.

The story, the characters will pierce your heart and slowly, so slowly, rip it out.
I didn't like it initially but it grew on me with its subtle brilliance and poignancy.

The Characters

The character development was simply superb. They are all just regular teenagers, trying to make out the best of the shitty situation they've been dished. They are not brazenly heroic or selfless because it would be obnoxious to expect that. They are not overly jocular or morose either. They are just..us.



Rhine is 16 and has been married to Linden along with Cecily(13) and Jenna(18). She has been confined to a grand mansion with all possible luxuries and material comforts. But it's not enough. It never is.
She years for her brother and freedom and home and even her downtrodden life in Manhatten. She is brave and practical and level headed. She is the girl who never stops fighting.
She is married to a man she hates but finds solace within the sprawling mansion in Gabriel, an attendant.

To be honest, I was expecting this to meander in Stockholm Syndrome. I was expecting Linden's obvious adoration for her and the comfortable life to soften her up. I was expecting her too forget where she came from and how she got here.
But she doesn't.

Rhine is dead set on escaping and having nothing to do with the loveless marriage.

Other Characters

Jenna- Jenna is one of those people who are quiet and intuitive. She doesn't speaks much but her observation skills are outstanding. For her, marriage to Linden is purely sexual and nothing else. It was her way of escaping from her previous life and having a better place to die. That is it.
She is like an older, protective sister to her sister wives.

Cecily- She is a naive child. She was the only one excited about her marriage to Linden. Raised in an orphanage all her life, she was blinded by all the rich and comfortable aspects of her slave married life.
She is just a young girl who is excited at the prospect of a beautiful candy even if it is coated with poison.

Jenna was disposable one.
Cecily was the baby factory.
And I was to be the apple of his eye.

Linden- I hated him initially. I wanted to shake him and kick him and shout at him: How could he live with himself after ruining 3 girls' life?
But as the plot unravels, we get to know Linden is innocent.
Nope, not telling you why.
Hating on him was like kicking a puppy. He was sad and so fragile, like one harsh word would break him. He is compassionate and there is a lost boy feel to him that is really pitiful.

Love Triangle

There is absolutely no doubt that the book harbors one. But of all the books I've read, this is one of the few where triangle is not introduced forcibly. It is not the obvious harbinger of misery and heartbreak and superfluous drama. It was natural. It was dealt with a level of maturity and levelheadedness that is rare in YA today.

And if you're still wondering, I'm 110% Team Gabriel.

The Writing
Phenomenal. Vivid. Descriptive.
No fancy words, no unnecessary metaphors, no exaggerated hyperbole.
It is simple but yet so beautiful. It strikes a chord with you. The words flow and you are right there with Rhine, experiencing her fears, her hopelessness, her strengths, her joys, her happiness.

I wouldn't recommend this book to everyone. Many people wouldn't like it, hate it's slow pace or clump it together with dystopian or label it cliched. I won't. I won't even attempt to narrow it down to a single genre. Because I can't. I could give you a rough approximation that it's similar to that book or this one, but i won't. It is unique in its own way and it would be gross injustice on my part to do so.

So, try it out if... Just if.

I can almost see what Gabriel meant when he asked, 'What has the free world got that you can’t get here?'


Freedom, Gabriel. That’s what you can’t get here.
Sempre - J.M. Darhower I.




How to Save a Life - Sara Zarr My initial reaction after completing this book-image

If I could, I'd give this book not only 5, but a million shining and glowing stars that would live up to what this book is really worth.

You know, how there are 2 types of books. The first type are the ones that don't leave such an impression on you. They just pass by you without marking their presence and you move on with your life with no alterations on your part.
And the second type are a whole lotta different. They run through your head hours after turning the last page. They coerce you to ponder about the story, the characters, the words. You live the book as opposed to simply reading it. The books that are so hauntingly beautiful and life changing that you pause a moment and realise the true beauty of the book and emerge a different better person. You live them, breathe them, love them.

How TO Save A Life by Sara Zarr falls effortlessly into the second category. This was my first book by the author and I am awed. Awed. Fascinated. Enraptured.

The story was pretty simple and straightforward. It follows the life of two teenagers- Jill and Mandy.

Jill is a senior who is just recuperating from the recent death of her father. She is rude to the point of bitchiness, she is bitter, she is sullen and doesn't even regret it. Her behavior was understandable and predictable, if not a bit extreme. During the course of the novel, I was so exasperated with her being bitchy and shutting everyone out that i literally wanted to slap her. Yes, I know your father died and you're going through a rough patch but still. Seriously girl, try a little tenderness! ;)
Nevertheless, it was much easier to understand the crabbiness than the crap in Fall For Anything.

And then Mandy. She was polar different from Jill. She's pregnant and is giving up her baby in an open adoption to Jill's mother, Robin.When the delivery date nears, she moves in with Robin and Jill. And this is the part where the lies and deception start. No, not the kind of lies that are probably running through your head- the mafia lies, the killing lies. They were just innocent lies, said to soothe and uplift Robin's numb heart. She was so lost and child-like. It was heart rending to read about the kind of life she had had. I mean, just imagine the kind of life where your mother accuses you for being a burden. Who blames you for every thing gone wrong in her life, each day every day. Sad, isn't it? It was humbling, her behaviour.
But she was tad bit weird too. You know the kind of people who force their friendship onto you and won't leave you alone and they tell all kinds of things about themselves and you are left feeling all awkward and flustered. She was just like that. But after getting to know her, I can honestly say she was a real sweetheart.

Now, the prose was phenomenal. It is amazing to look at the way Miss Zarr string a couple of words together and creates such sentences that you want to stop and reread them to try and absorb their meaning. To feel them, to taste them, like they are something palpable. And, trust me, I can really vouch for it, seeing how half the text of my book is highlighted.

The story follows Jill as how she opens up again and gains acceptance of her father's death. Of how she finally learns to let go. How she begins to hope and live again. She discovers that its alright to be wrong once in a while.
Mandy discovers that maybe her life isn't all that bad and its alright to trust someone other than yourself and they won't let you down.

The book was so poignantly sad and beautiful that at times I really was smiling through my tears.
The author manages to steer the plot so gracefully that there isn't a dull moment. The relationships portrayed in the book are very real and brutally honest. The characters, oh the characters, they are so real, so strong and so mature that it was difficult to imagine that they were really teenagers.

And the review cannot truly be complete without a reference to Robin, Jill's mother. She was utterly, undeniably, flawlessly perfect. Not the perfect perfect. But the imperfections-make-you-perfect. She was the perfect kind of loving mother, the grieving kind of wife, the rock of relationships. It was refreshing to read about the mother-daughter bond that is conveniently absent in most of the YA, courtesy the least resistant path for The Boyfriend to come and go as he pleases.

The Best Parts
Dylan. The prose. Ravi. Robin. The phone calls. Christopher. Eyeliner. Yearbook. Lola. The necklace. Peanut butter...and just about everything else.

Summing up,
To Miss Zarr,image

To the people who haven't read this yet, you really don't wanna miss this one. Get your hands on it now!

A definite MUST-READ
Crash - Nicole  Williams Initial Reaction After Completion


I am really confused with the book and how to go forward with the review. I don't know whether to be positive or negative about it. I'm torn between the cynical and romantic side. So, I'll dish out the story in two perspective and let you decide.

The Good Part The Hopeless-Romantic Perspective

Girl meets boy. There is instant attraction. The boy is a tragic hero with a flawed character but a huge heart. The girl senses the loneliness as well as the goodness, which is sheltered beneath a tough veneer, in him and gives their relationship a chance. Because she believes in saving the world, one lost soul at a time. She doesn't let him go inspite of his umpteenth number of warnings that he's cancer and she would be better off without him.


Their relationship progresses steadily inspite of numerous hiatuses owing to their individual scarred pasts and substantial baggage they brought to their relationship.

But, true love survives all odds


Nothing can possibly drive a stake in their relationship.
Even after the fallouts, the bickering, the heartache, they find their way back to one another.

The boy meets his true love and promises to mend his ways because she makes him want to be a better person, the one a girl like her deserves.

The book encapsulates a love story. A messed-up, dysfunctional love story, but one nonetheless.

How if given the benefit of doubt, people change.
How relentless, scathing rumors and harsh gossip ruins life.
How old festering wounds can be healed with pure, unconditional love.

So, this was the good part. The hopeful part. It exudes hope and love and believes, at the end, if one holds on, things do change out to for the best.
You just have to hang in there and go through it all.

Because at the end, the whole messy pieces scattered around your life come together to form a breath-taking picture that makes complete sense and makes it worth it all.


So much cheese, I'm gagging
If that part made you swoon and all, go ahead and read the book. Because it is all that and more. So, for the hopeless romantics and ever-optimists, the book's for you.

Now, coming to the second part.

The Bad Part The Cynical Perspective

This is just the plain old bad-boy meets girl shit. This whole thing is disturbing. So fucking disturbing.

Girl meets boy. Sparks fly. Sexual tension abounds. The next day, hot and heavy makeout session. That very night, boy's dickhead of 'cousins' threaten girl's life because she flipped them off. They gag her, abuse her, douse her in gasoline and light her hair on fire. Then, of course, her knight-in-shining-armor arrives and beat the shit outta them, when the police arrives and locks them all up.
Now, wasn't that ATTEMPTED MURDER? It's a s plain as day and the effect it has no people: Nada. Nothing. No one gives a damn. Not the parents or the police. And the victim, you wonder? She just gives the incident a thought because she no longer has long hair that got burned in the fire.
Are you fucking kidding me?


After this incident, maybe 5 weeks later they meet again at the high school. Yep, the same beat-the-shit-out-of-felon-who's-been-arrested-more-times-than-he-can-count. And instead of running the hell away from him, she demands to know why he didn't contact her before.

You may call me selfish here. But I wouldn't lounge around a felon making my love story work. I would run like hell.

Anyway, the story progresses and the girl goes into a relationship with a guy, who, for all she knows, is a big time criminal. She half-heartedly asks questions and he evades. Again. And again. That is all that happens for 40% of the book.
The point being, how can girls be so fucking stupid and dumb? Don't you have any sense of self-preservation at all?
I mean, for heaven's sake, the guy snatches the microphone from the principal of the school during a morning assembly to threaten and warn everyone to treat Lucy(that's the girl's name) right. And if not, he'd break their legs. Is this normal? Does this really happens at high schools? And oh, to get everyone's' attention he says: Shut up, you sons of bitch. In front of the entire school school faculty and the principal.

Now, pray someone tell me is this really acceptable, because if I pulled that stint at my school, I'l be kicked out before I can blink an eye.
And the best part: Everyone listens to him. That just shows what a serious threat and bully he is. And Lucy finds him hot.

Anyway, the story progresses which merely consists of Lucy finding out about Jude's(The Boy) past crimes and all, breaking up with him and getting back together. And forgiving his bipolar hot-and-cold syndrome and condoning his behaviour which mainly boils down to him bashing and threatening almost everyone unashamedly.

So, that was the bad, cynical part.

Lucy Larson aka The Girl
Yes, she deserves her own separate rant
She is bitchy, rude and a typical dumb high-schooler. Most of why I didn't like this book is because of this one single girl.
Her priorities are absolutely messed up. It was really ridiculous. She doesn't questions her felon boyfriend's criminal motives and trusts him wholeheartedly. But when she sees him hugging another girl and eavesdrops on their conversation, BAM! shoots the whole trust thing down to hell and dumps him the next day.


God, would you just stop? Can't you just wait a minute, talk it out and sort through your differences instead of making us sit through 10 more pages of unnecessary emotional drama and heartache?
Why don't people just communicate?

At one point, after their oh-so-heartbreaking breakup, she meets him again and he accuses her of not trusting him enough. He is hurting and sad. And she fucking knows that, and still lets him walk away. And, right at this moment, she is thinking, This is the biggest regret of her life, letting him go away.
Are you fucking retarded? If you know it's a mistake and you will are regretting it, then why don't you stop him? Has he, like, run a 11029 miles that you can't call him back?

And then, she goes into a relationship with another guy whom she didn't initially trust or even like. Then, why oh why, do you agree to be his girlfriend? Because you are amazingly dumb Because she is full of milk of human kindness and decides to give him a chance. Six months later when they break up, she can't find one good quality about him. Not one. What? What the fuck were you doing for six-fucking-months? Were you dating him with your ears and eyes closed? Or you were just dropped on your head too many times?

This just sums up my feeling toward her:


So, that's about it. That is the story.
Now, whether you like it or hate it, it depends on the fact whether you can accept the love story for what it is or your cynicism breaks through and reduces the whole mushy affair into an infuriating, eye-rolling episode.

Since, I am a cynic by heart, I couldn't get past the stupidness to really appreciate the love story. It was too unbelievable and ridiculous.
So, try it out if a bad-boy-perfect-girl story is your thing.
Falling for the Ghost of You - Nicole Christie Continued reaction throughout the novel






Seriously, you guys. This novel.
I adored it. Completely. Madly. Deeply :P

After reading such trashy romance novels, supposed to be YA and all swoony, this novel sticks out like the jem it is.
It's like stuffing your face with plain old chocolate ice cream and more ice cream and even more, that you're sick and tired of it. And then you are handed a cup of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice-cream. You are eyeing the cup warily, but then give in to temptation and take a bite, albeit cautiously and VOILA! Best ice cream you've ever had. It restores your faith in ice creams.
And I'm sorry if it was a poor analogy and you didn't understand jack

No bad boys with broken pasts,okay maybe a little, no whiny dumb-as-fuck heroines, no unbelievable romances, no insta LUURRRVVVE, no ridiculous twists.
This is basically what high schools relationships be like- awkward, nervous and exciting as hell.

Great points
-Birthday surprises
-Dumpy teenagers
-Did I mention Violet?



Violet is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Not just regular funny but laughing-your-ass-off-so-loud-your-mom-comes-in-your-room funny. She is awkward and so socially inept, it's a wonder when she gets out two lines without messing it up. When nerves hit her, she is rambling and babbling all sorts of nonsense.
And her fascinating weird penchant of inserting the word 'penis' in regular conversations.
Oh. My. God.
Nothing like penis to stop all the talking and swivel all heads around.

It was so refreshing to love the protagonist for a change. For a while back there, I started imagining I was being too judgmental and bitch to heroines. But, no shit. The girl is remarkable. But under the sunny smiles and embarrassing conversations, lies a steely resolve and indomitable will. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, instead of bitching about how fucking unfair life was, she took to self publishing her novels. How uber cool is that!
She works as an assistant to the elderly and there we get to see another side of our girl. Her compassion and dedication. It was humbling to see the respect and love she exudes. And I'm like..

She is not whining or flailing about like a helpless chick or throwing her problems on an unsuspecting boyfriend.

And it was adorable to see her relationship with her mother and her best friend, Lauren. She was so fiercely protective of them and so..so gentle, she gained my instant respect.
She messes up big time. She says uncomfortable things. She stumbles. She can't wear a shirt without first sticking her head in wrong holes. She's dorky and a complete klutz. She's like that. And that's what makes her perfect.

Zane O' Connor

Dude, this guy. AWESOME.
Why can't all love interest be this great?
He is the cliched player, love 'em and leave 'em types. But that's where it ends. He is caring and sweet and so..so..swwwooooon
That's it. That was the guy. Enough to say, he complimented Violet perfectly.

Their relationship was...


And, I think, it's definitely something when my gushing over the heroine is more, more than that over the guy. And that too, when the guy was pure perfect and swoon-worthy!


It is a story of sweet, magical love, witty banter and sweet moments complete with sizzling chemistry
The story and plot itself were mediocre at best and hackneyed at worst. It was the characters that breathed life into the whole affair, making it as magnificent it was. If you have been going through a lot of heavy stuff or stupid, unhealthy, psychotic relationships and are need of a light, fun read, go for it. This novel is guaranteed to coax a smile outta you.

Go and read it already!

Warning: Don't read it in a public place for fear of being labeled completely deranged owing to your maniac laughter on reading the book.

The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley Warning: This is more of an angry and frustrated rant than a proper review. Forewarned is forearmed.

Initial reaction after reading the book

What the hell did I just read? It has to be the crappiest, silliest, the most pathetic book I've EVER read. Urgh! It was like reading the diary entry of a 12 year old teenager obsessesd with her boyfriend, with no fucking priorities at all.

Oh, and just look at the average rating-4.11 Four point fucking one? Seriously people? Why would anyone even bother completing this book is beyond me. It made no fucking sense whatsoever. Just a random collection of bullshit by a whiny 12 5 year old. If this book had a personality, I'm pretty sure it would resemble Bella's stupidness and selfishness to a T.

The Characters
They were just vain, senseless humans creatures with a voracious appetite for sex. I mean, seriously, all everyone ever cared about was getting laid. Or making out. God, half of the fucking book is filled with description of people sucking each others' face. Or groping each other. Or betting on who can nail a boy first. Or flirting. Incessant, annoying, shameless flirting.


Really? Is that all teenagers are all about these days? It's humiliating.

Amber or Angel or Ambs or other shitload of names

I. Can't. Even.
Her characterisation was fucking dreadful. What person, after being sexually and physically abused by her father, no less, is completely comfortable with pervert boyfriend grabbing her butt every opportunity he gets. Or pushing his erection into her day in and day out?
She dresses provocatively, flirts with every other boy and glorifies in it, AFTER being sexually abused? Seriously?
It's like the author has no idea what an abused person goes through. She did pop in the issue once in a blue moon but all the gory, yes GORY details of making out, flirting and the romance overshadows pretty much everything. And when she did, I was either too irritated by Amber's dumbness or preoccupied with the latest stupid antic of the characters to pay much attention to it.


The supposedly perfect love interest. I don't even know where to start with this piece of shit. The boy, who is 18, is just too callow and naive. And why, oh why, doesn't he uses the girl's name? She has a fucking name for a fucking purpose. Oh, and the reason why he calls her Angel? This. Is. Ridiculous.

This takes place during Liam's 6th birthday party when Amber, four, walks in through the door for the first time

“He said in a deadly serious tone, ‘Momma, am I dead?’ And I said ‘no honey, you’re not dead’, and he shook his head, looking all confused about something. Then he pointed to you[Amber] dancing and said, ‘if I’m not dead, then why is there an Angel in our house?’”


Liam's character was...disturbing.

I struggled to watch her at her dance practice every Saturday, it was such a freaking turn on seeing her jumping around, shaking her ass. She honestly made my mouth water I wanted her so badly.

Is that normal? Your mouth watered? Really? What is she a can of Ben & Jerry's that you can devour?

Other characters
Don't really care about any other characters. Just sufficient to say everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, had the dying-to-get-laid disease.

The Writing

The writing was terrible and shoddy. The sentence construction dreadful. The dialogues awfully cheesy. The descriptions annoyingly excessive. The whole fucking book was abound with so many grammatical errors that it was like reading an essay written a child who has absolutely no idea what English is about. And the exclamation marks! Oh my god! Practically every sentence ended with an exclamation mark! It was so damn grating on the nerves!

Everyone in the entire book was either smirking, flirting or winking.

Doesn't anyone ever talk straight? The book had reached such ginormous levels of ridiculousness that after a while, I stopped following the plot line and instead guffawed at every scene that was meant to be oh-so-touching!

The romance is unrealistic and dripping in fucking cheese. And not the sweet sorta but the downright puke-worthy and eye-roll inducing cheese.
The characters are shallow and just plain dumb.
The plot was non-existent, or had been upto the part I had managed to cover.
The writing was horrifyingly bad.

You know, I never though I'd say this but this novel was even more brain-cells-damaging than Twilight. It's sad really what today's Young Adult literature encompass.

A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks Not a proper review. Just me gushing over a book/movie that makes me cry everytime I watch/read it. Beautiful.
This is in random order. Don't try to make sense of it. You won't.
























Bloodlines - Richelle Mead I didn't complete The Vampire Academy Series. Don't ask me why, I sorta lost interest midway due to Rose. God! I hated her. She was slutty, inconsiderate and just so.. Urgh!
Anyway, I'm reading this because of the great, raving, gushing reviews it has received from so many people! Hope I'm not disappointed.

Yep, so a bit disappointed. This book was slow. It took, like, forever for Mead to unravel the mystery about the tattoos and stuff. The plot was okay sorta. Not too overly dramatic, nor too pathetically bland.
Yeah, I think that's the reason I'm disappointed. The book was just mediocre. (Don't kill me, you crazy Bloodlines lovers!) I was just expecting so much more. More humour, more snark, more action, more Adrian.

I really don't like Sydney. Her POV was so detached and uncaring. And she was boring. All that responsibility shit going on for her. All work and no fun.

Random thought- Why is that Mead's novels in the beginnings of the series are totally uninteresting while the ends are awesomeness personified? Huh! And by the time the series picks up, I've already chalked it up as a total write-off. Totally unfair.
Black City - Elizabeth  Richards So I ended up DNFing this.

The book was just one HUGE cliche!
The characters, the plot...It just wasn't gripping enough.
The start was promising enough but as the story progressed, the plot had dwindled to a sappy, cheesy, too-much-hackneyed love story.

The character were so bland and predictable, it was annoying. All they ever were did was get into petty fights over Friendship Vs Relationship. And pout. And bitch. Really?


So, if you wanna fry your brain with a no-apparent-plot, petty characters story, go for this one.
The Sea of Tranquility - Katja Millay I really didn't get what the big deal was about this. I mean, after reading the countless raving reviews of the book, I was expecting much more.
I mean, the plot was intriguing. The characterization was note-worthy. But it was S.L.O.W. Like dragging with no energy slow. And it became tedious after a while of hearing Natsya bitch about every possible thing in her surrounding.

After reading something so long, I could at least expect a better ending. God, was I disappointed.
I really don't get the fact how she could forgive Aidan after what she did to her.
All bark and no bite.

The book was brimming over with so much angst, so much anger, so much bitterness, that it was just exhausting to sort through the myriad emotions.

I couldn't connect to any of the characters, maybe except Drew. Everyone thing was so convoluted that it was like running in freaking circles.

There was simply no understanding of Natsya on my part. I could get her anger at everything. But she was nothing short of weird at times. Why would she go to Josh's garage in the first place? Just to look at him work? And, would please someone tell me the reason for the enormous heartbreak between Josh and Natsya? She really was beyond my understanding.

Really disappointed.
Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell Needs no freaking introductions. Best books ever. Impressive with the beyond-this-earth feel.
Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout What??? This can't be the ending.
There has to be some glitch in the stupid kindle
*After repeatedly thumbing the screen*
This is soo not done. There must be some legal obligations for an author to not end the book at such a terrible cliffhanger.

Oh God! So many emotions...

*Breathe in, breathe out, close eyes*
Ok readers, sorry 'bout that. But that really was.. overwhelming.

The plot
The plot continues where it left off in Onyx with Adam dead and Dawson back. Daemon and Katy are finally officially together. And I'm like

The ultimate, betrayer Blake returns and does what he does best- blackmails. Again.
The plot basically revolves around numerous attempts to free Bethany and Chris from DOD's clutches. Nuff said. The rest you have to read yourself and then get your heart ripped and slowly crushed and then lifted a bit again only to be flung again against the wall with a vengeance. So, get ready.
Plotwise, the books doesn't disappoint. At all.

Daemon-Katy chemistry is all time high and...and steamy, I guess.
Daemon fans will be satisfied. He's hot, he's sexy. he's romantic, he's possessive and he's sarcastic. What else do we need?
*Died and gone to heaven*

And then *drumrolls* comes the ending. A terrible, cruel and mean cliffhanger awaits you. Not telling ya anything.

Read it and experience it. Go grab the book right now.