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Bloodlines - Richelle Mead I didn't complete The Vampire Academy Series. Don't ask me why, I sorta lost interest midway due to Rose. God! I hated her. She was slutty, inconsiderate and just so.. Urgh!
Anyway, I'm reading this because of the great, raving, gushing reviews it has received from so many people! Hope I'm not disappointed.

Yep, so a bit disappointed. This book was slow. It took, like, forever for Mead to unravel the mystery about the tattoos and stuff. The plot was okay sorta. Not too overly dramatic, nor too pathetically bland.
Yeah, I think that's the reason I'm disappointed. The book was just mediocre. (Don't kill me, you crazy Bloodlines lovers!) I was just expecting so much more. More humour, more snark, more action, more Adrian.

I really don't like Sydney. Her POV was so detached and uncaring. And she was boring. All that responsibility shit going on for her. All work and no fun.

Random thought- Why is that Mead's novels in the beginnings of the series are totally uninteresting while the ends are awesomeness personified? Huh! And by the time the series picks up, I've already chalked it up as a total write-off. Totally unfair.