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Opal - Jennifer L. Armentrout What??? This can't be the ending.
There has to be some glitch in the stupid kindle
*After repeatedly thumbing the screen*
This is soo not done. There must be some legal obligations for an author to not end the book at such a terrible cliffhanger.

Oh God! So many emotions...

*Breathe in, breathe out, close eyes*
Ok readers, sorry 'bout that. But that really was.. overwhelming.

The plot
The plot continues where it left off in Onyx with Adam dead and Dawson back. Daemon and Katy are finally officially together. And I'm like

The ultimate, betrayer Blake returns and does what he does best- blackmails. Again.
The plot basically revolves around numerous attempts to free Bethany and Chris from DOD's clutches. Nuff said. The rest you have to read yourself and then get your heart ripped and slowly crushed and then lifted a bit again only to be flung again against the wall with a vengeance. So, get ready.
Plotwise, the books doesn't disappoint. At all.

Daemon-Katy chemistry is all time high and...and steamy, I guess.
Daemon fans will be satisfied. He's hot, he's sexy. he's romantic, he's possessive and he's sarcastic. What else do we need?
*Died and gone to heaven*

And then *drumrolls* comes the ending. A terrible, cruel and mean cliffhanger awaits you. Not telling ya anything.

Read it and experience it. Go grab the book right now.