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Seriously, you guys. This novel.
I adored it. Completely. Madly. Deeply :P

After reading such trashy romance novels, supposed to be YA and all swoony, this novel sticks out like the jem it is.
It's like stuffing your face with plain old chocolate ice cream and more ice cream and even more, that you're sick and tired of it. And then you are handed a cup of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice-cream. You are eyeing the cup warily, but then give in to temptation and take a bite, albeit cautiously and VOILA! Best ice cream you've ever had. It restores your faith in ice creams.
And I'm sorry if it was a poor analogy and you didn't understand jack

No bad boys with broken pasts,okay maybe a little, no whiny dumb-as-fuck heroines, no unbelievable romances, no insta LUURRRVVVE, no ridiculous twists.
This is basically what high schools relationships be like- awkward, nervous and exciting as hell.

Great points
-Birthday surprises
-Dumpy teenagers
-Did I mention Violet?



Violet is H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. Not just regular funny but laughing-your-ass-off-so-loud-your-mom-comes-in-your-room funny. She is awkward and so socially inept, it's a wonder when she gets out two lines without messing it up. When nerves hit her, she is rambling and babbling all sorts of nonsense.
And her fascinating weird penchant of inserting the word 'penis' in regular conversations.
Oh. My. God.
Nothing like penis to stop all the talking and swivel all heads around.

It was so refreshing to love the protagonist for a change. For a while back there, I started imagining I was being too judgmental and bitch to heroines. But, no shit. The girl is remarkable. But under the sunny smiles and embarrassing conversations, lies a steely resolve and indomitable will. When her mother was diagnosed with cancer, instead of bitching about how fucking unfair life was, she took to self publishing her novels. How uber cool is that!
She works as an assistant to the elderly and there we get to see another side of our girl. Her compassion and dedication. It was humbling to see the respect and love she exudes. And I'm like..

She is not whining or flailing about like a helpless chick or throwing her problems on an unsuspecting boyfriend.

And it was adorable to see her relationship with her mother and her best friend, Lauren. She was so fiercely protective of them and so..so gentle, she gained my instant respect.
She messes up big time. She says uncomfortable things. She stumbles. She can't wear a shirt without first sticking her head in wrong holes. She's dorky and a complete klutz. She's like that. And that's what makes her perfect.

Zane O' Connor

Dude, this guy. AWESOME.
Why can't all love interest be this great?
He is the cliched player, love 'em and leave 'em types. But that's where it ends. He is caring and sweet and so..so..swwwooooon
That's it. That was the guy. Enough to say, he complimented Violet perfectly.

Their relationship was...


And, I think, it's definitely something when my gushing over the heroine is more, more than that over the guy. And that too, when the guy was pure perfect and swoon-worthy!


It is a story of sweet, magical love, witty banter and sweet moments complete with sizzling chemistry
The story and plot itself were mediocre at best and hackneyed at worst. It was the characters that breathed life into the whole affair, making it as magnificent it was. If you have been going through a lot of heavy stuff or stupid, unhealthy, psychotic relationships and are need of a light, fun read, go for it. This novel is guaranteed to coax a smile outta you.

Go and read it already!

Warning: Don't read it in a public place for fear of being labeled completely deranged owing to your maniac laughter on reading the book.