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Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout Ok, so this book was beyond expectation. I haven't previously read any books from the author, so I wasn't expecting much. And to add to that, there had been some allusions that it was similar to Twilight, which was disastrous. And you know what they say-once bitten twice shy. So on completion, I was pleasantly surprised. The book managed to pick up every damned cliche there is and turn that 'round. It was a refreshing to read about protagonist that actually has a backbone and doesn't give in to the oh-so-obvious charm of the guy. So going to the storyline-

Katy moves to West Virginia to start over after the death of her father. In the sparsely populated area, her next door neighbors are Daemon and Dee, hot and beautiful aliens with amazingly green eyes. Katy strikes a friendship with Dee and is constantly engaged in war-of-words with Daemon, who is infuriating, rude and arrogant as hell. But as the story progresses, the mystery lingering around the siblings and Daemon's character is peeled layer-by-layer.

The highs of the book were-
1) The hilarity involving the situations dealing with Daemon.
2) Katy's witty and sarcastic comebacks which were invigorating after reading umpteenth bimbos who would get tongue-tied when the sexy hero so much as smiles.
3) The plot
4) Deamon's sarcasm.
5) Deamon's wit.
6) Daemon's character.
7) Daemon
8) Daemon
9) Daemon :P

So concluding, it really is a fun read with the laugh-out-loud conversations. If you're looking for a light, unforgettable and enjoyable book, go for it. Its thumb up from me!